Homes by Gary Bykerr 

Builder & Designer 

The Journey Begins with Just One Step...

Step 1:

Lets Meet:

Call or click below to contact us.  

We can arrange a time to meet one another and discuss your project goals, both financially and design wise.    

We can share with you how we stand apart in the industry and how great it is to be working with a builder and designer throughout the process.  

Step 2:

Perfectly Designed:
Once we have a house plan designed,  we will put together the specifications (putting into words and photos how we are building your home) along with a budget.  Once we have agreed with the specifications and budget we will draw up the contracts and schedule the project to begin.  
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Step 3:

Build and Design:

The process of building your home and designing it - goes hand in hand.

Our onsite design center makes every decision during the process an easy one.  We provide a one-stop-shop, having an impressive amount of products from exterior stone, to roofing, carpet, wallpaper, tile, flooring, countertops and more.